Choosing the right lens for you

The right lens type dispensed will be dictated by your prescription as each type is distinguished by its ability to correct different optical conditions. The stronger your prescription, the thicker and heavier your glasses will be. Lenses prescribed to correct short-sightedness are thicker at the edges, and lenses for long-sightedness are thicker at the centre of the lens.

Whatever your prescription is, it will be most compatible with one of three lens types; single vision, bifocal or varifocal. While single vision is used to correct one overall strength, varifocals and bifocals have 3 or 2 zones of vision consisting of distance, intermediate and/or near vision. All these lenses are available in different plastic CR39, hi index and polycarbonate plastics or glass.

Every one of the lens materials available can be thinned down or enhanced with treatments and coatings to suit your image an lifestyle. As with eyewear frames each material used to make lenses has a unique set of strengths that make it distinct. These strengths determine whether your lenses will be heavy or light, thick or thin, tough or brittle.


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